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About PartnerSHIP for Impact

The Cause

PartnerSHIP for Impact is a network of 15 member organizations and thousands of volunteers who secure high-impact relief supplies to improve the lives of people in crisis around the world.

Whether it’s emergency medical supplies, food, wheelchairs, school desks, tents and sleeping bags … and so much more… PartnerSHIP for Impact ensures the right donated supplies get delivered to people in need.

The Facts

 More than $200 million in essential goods delivered to more than four million people.

 For every $1 of support for shipping, $10 worth of humanitarian assistance is delivered.

 Reaching the most destitute in some of the most poverty-stricken areas in 59 countries—countries like Haiti, Ukraine, and Zambia.

 15 years of success.

And according to our long-time sponsor, our program has:

“A proven track record of excellence and experience to make a major impact throughout the world in the effort to alleviate poverty and to improve the living conditions of those suffering every day.” — Jerry Oberndorfer, Director of Humanitarian Programs (retired); U.S. Department of State

How You Can Help

After 15 years of successful implementation, our shipping program, funded by the U.S. government, closed last year. Now we need financial support from the private sector and individual donors like you to continue this partnership for impact.

Without the generous support of people like you, we won’t have the funds to ship containers filled with relief supplies – and deliver these supplies to the children and families who need them.

With every $1 you donate for shipping, $10 worth of humanitarian assistance is delivered.

Our Partners

Network members committed to making a difference

Success Stories

Successes and impacts from program beneficiaries

Fruit Deliveries Help Moldovan Orphans and Children

When Ana was 8, her orphanage received a shipment of dried peaches...

Global Aid Network – Tajikistan

When the rebel fighters finally withdrew from Tajikistan’s Mehranti region...

P4I Members Deliver Life-Saving Food and Supplies

When war ravaged her home in 2011, Xaliimo Cabdilahi Mohamed...

P4I Partners Provide Support to Moldovans with Disabilities

When Vadim was a teenager in the village of Cahul, a car crash left him paralyzed...

Our Impact

PartnerSHIP for Impact reaches the most destitute in some of the most poverty-stricken areas in Haiti, Ukraine and Somalia—and 56 other countries around the world.